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I was listening to the 'family station' this morning on my drive in to work and they brought up some really good points when it comes to saving lives:

  • Everyone, no matter what age, should be taught how to save a life (it might be as simple as teaching a young child to call 000, or as complex as maintaining relevant CPR and/or first-aid); and

  • In homes that don't have a landline phone, be sure to teach your children how to unlock your phone in order to call for help.

As a home where we only have mobiles, the last point was one I hadn't thought about. I do what I can to keep my children OUT of my phone (for their safety rather than for my privacy and control). But have I considered teaching them how to navigate my phone safely in order to help save someone's life - perhaps even mine!

This then makes me think about other areas of life that I keep my children out of (and rightly so) - and makes me consider, am I also teaching them how to navigate these safely in order to help save someone's eternal life* - theirs, or someone else's.

Avoidance of topics and situations is not all that is required in order to keep our kids safe, nor will it help equip them to be workers for Christ for the salvation of others. We also need to actively teach them how to navigate safely. At age appropriate levels, helping them understand the rules, the pitfalls and dangers, people who can help them, and most importantly, to know and trust their ultimate navigator: Jesus Christ!

*Just to be clear - Salvation is a gift from God and not something that we do for ourselves (or others). However through sharing the gospel and love of Christ we can help others to discover the amazing gift that God offers.

Disclaimer - the thoughts an opinions in this article are that of the author and not of the SQ Children's Ministry Department. We recommend that you consider the article above with prayer and Bible study. May God bless you.

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