Help Me - a prayer by William Barclay


O God, you have given me a very difficult job to do within your Church.


Help me never to face these young people unprepared.

Help me to be absolutely honest with them.

Help me to never dodge their questions, and never to evade their problems.


Help me to try to understand them before I criticize them.  Keep me from the foolishness of looking for old heads on young shoulders; and

help me to remember that the ways of one generation are not the ways of another, and that things are difference since I was their age.


Help me never to laugh at them, and never to lose patience with them.

Help me to be wise enough to know when they need control and discipline, and when it is better to let them have their own way.


Help me to help them to think, to worship and to pray.


Help me to remember that, whether I like it or not, and whether I know it or not, they will judge the Church by me, and that this is the grave responsibility laid upon me.


Even if I see no result,

help me not to be discouraged.

Help me to remember that it takes a long time for a seed to become a tree, and

help me to sow the seed and to leave its growth to you.


Grant that what I am may never undo all that I say.

You have given me this part of your work to do -

help me to do it well.


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