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Still looking for ideas of engaging kids with scripture memorisation and familiarity? Here are some games and songs that may work for your group.

Strip charts

Strips of paper hide the words of the verse until the time comes to show them. They may be covered up one a ta time later, when memorising the verse.

Covered flaps

On a piece of cardboard, write the verse spaced evenly. Use large sticky note paper to cover words one or two at a time, saying the whole verse each time. Repeat until all the verse is covered and the children are saying the verse by heart.

Clothes Line

Write words from the verse on sticky notes and attach to cardboard clothes shapes. Divide children into two teams. One child from each team is selected to race to a washing basket, grab one piece of clothing each, then race to a box and grab two pegs. The first team to hang their pieces of clothing on the line in the correct order is the winner.


Write words of Bible text on flashcards. After going over the text a few times, give each child a flashcard. On the 'go' signal, children race to put their flashcards in order. Time them. Read it through together. Keep trying to improve the time.

Apple Pie (similar to hangman)

Draw a 20cm diameter apple pie in the bottom corner of the whiteboard (or use paper on an easel). Write dashes for each of the letters in the words of the memory verse. The child gives the leader a letter. If it is in the text, then the leader writes the letter(s) up on the relevant dashes. If that letter does not appear at all in the text, then you get to take a piece of apple pie (ie. colour in a segment of pie in with black). The idea is to see whether the children fill up all the letters before the leader eats all the pie!


Use a puppet each memory verse time - the puppet gains the attention, not you. Give your puppet a definite character and name (this is essential to success). Give it a definite role to perform and use it regularly for this.


Stack shoe boxes to act as bricks. The children build the wall in order.


Using a poster picture draw a jigsaw on the back with enough pieces to have one for each word in your memory verse. Cut up jigsaw and get children to stick pieces in order on card. Turn over to reveal picture.

The aim of all scripture stickies is to help children enjoy learning God's Word and to be able to apply it to their lives.

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