Scripture Stickies - Kindergarten

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Reading from the Bible

The child holds the Bible while an adult points to the words and reads, even though she cannot read. Do this after each activity and story throughout the entire program. Soon the child will complete the verse after hearing the first couple of words. Prompt as necessary. Praise extravagantly.

Tell your arms

After the children begin to learn the verse, ask them to tell their arms. As they say each word, they pat alternate arms with the opposite hands. When they get the hang of this, speed it up. Vary it with "Tell your shoulders" (tap alternate shoulders), "tell your head" (nod head from side to side), "tell your knees" (tap alternate knees), "tell your feet" (stand up and tap alternate feet).

Rhythm band

Kids tap rhythm instruments as they say the verse. They may even march as they play and say.

Memory Lane

Cut out colourful footprints and laminate them. Tape footprints on the floor, one for each word of the Bible verse, spaced to form a pathway for one child at a time to walk. Kids line up and take turns to say the verse, taking a footstep for each word they say. If they miss a word, prompt them and let them start over.


Using laminated squares with one for each word. Lay them out in an extended hopscotch pattern. For safety make sure that they are not spread too far apart to avoid slipping.

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