I was just reading a rather interesting (and alarming) article indicating that there is a growing trend in our young children - a lack of school readiness. What constitutes school readiness? The article is not referring to an ability to read, do simple equations or sit for long periods at a desk - these things all come with time. More alarmingly they are referring to social readiness, with greatest concern, the ability (or lack thereof) to hold a conversation.

How can this happen?! I hear you asking. How can a child of 4 or 5 be unable to hold a conversation suitable to their age level?! Unfortunately the answer is terribly simple - smart phones.

Now don't get me wrong, it seems all manner of society's ills are being blamed upon mobile technology, however it seems that this is carrying some terrible weight. That parents are so preoccupied with their own mobile technology, that they are no longer modelling or engaging in a variety of conversations with their children. Just let this sink in for a moment - and if you're reading this on your phone, resist the urge to shut it off (at least until you finish this post!).

I can hear many of you saying, "Well, this is not in Australia - we do much better here." Do we? What size throne does your device hold? Whilst I am not aware of this sort of problem in our local sphere the very concept of readiness hit me in my heart. Being school ready is only one aspect that matters to me as a Christian parent. Are my children Christ-ready?

If school readiness can be neglected because of my smart phone, is it possible that Christ-readiness can, and perhaps is, neglected due to the same technological frenemy?

Helping our children to be ready to meet Christ when He returns is simple, and yet time consuming and cannot be left for the Sabbath School Teacher, School Teacher, Chaplain or Pastor (though they all play important parts). It involves introducing our children to Christ, having meaningful conversations, answering their questions, and being honest and open about our need for a Saviour and the amazing, incredible, exhausting love that our Saviour has for us.

For lack of conversation, kids are failing to be ready for school.

By the grace of God, may there not be a lack of meaningful conversation - may we all be Christ-ready, everyday.


The article does refer to other skills that they include in the basket with their ability to hold a conversation and you can read more here

Disclaimer - the thoughts an opinions in this article are that of the author and not of the SQ Children's Ministry Department. We recommend that you consider the article above with prayer and Bible study. May God bless you.

#children #technology #secondcoming #school #conversation

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