Finding a Home

Home. The word itself conjures up all sorts of cosy, comfortable, happy, sweet connotations - doesn't it? And when you are without 'home' for some reason - relocating, a change in circumstances, storm damage, health - it is an unsettling feeling and one that can be significantly hard to deal with.

We at the Children's Ministries Department have been working at having a home that you can visit and find the resources and encouragement that you need in your minstry to children, whether it be through the Local Church or in your own home. And we are so glad that we have finally got one! We welcome your feedback and interraction with our site and invite you to visit often.

More than being grateful for a home for Children's Ministries, we are grateful for the home that we find - daily - in Jesus Christ and we pray that this site and the resources will encourage and enable you to help the children in your life find their home in Jesus too.

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