Here we have collated and listed some resources that we recommend to support and help Leaders and Parents alike.  These resources are not necessarily written or published by Seventh-day Adventist authors or publishers however we have endeavored to recommend quality resources that are Biblical and inspirational.  If you have any you would recommend, or if you wish to discuss any included in this list, please contact us.  Where resources are available for purchase, majority of these items are available at your local Adventist Book Centre.



100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids

Karen Holford

Do you or your children struggle to know what to say when asked to pray?  Is prayer time becoming routine and boring?  Karen Holford has an idea - actually she has 100.  Guaranteed to make prayer meaningful (and even fun!)  - and don't assume grown-ups are left to watch from the sidelines.  From "bag of bits" prayer and "blessing basket" to "garden prayers", this book provides a smorgasboard of ideas to help kids and adults find new delight in talking to God.

100 Creative Ways 2 Learn Memory Verses

Karen Holford

Drawing from years of experience and oodles of ingenuity to help kid's dlight in God's word, Karen uses multisensory activities to make spiritual concepts real and exciting to kids of all ages.  Take your pick from Alphabetti Verse, Secret Codes, Stepping Stones, Recycled Tunes, Edible Verses and more!  The ideas crammed into this book will suit a variety of interests, skills, learning styles, group sizes and available materials.  Best of all, kids come away from each activity with God's message to them embedded firmly in their hearts and minds!

100 Quick & Easy Worship Ideas for Kids

Karen Holford

For busy,  tired and overstretched parents everywhere who long to share God creatively with their families, this book is heaven-sent, presenting 100 quick and easy worship ideas for kids that will transform your famiy time with Jesus.  So gather the kids around, choose any one of a hundred quick and easy ideas from this book, and watch what heppens as together, you find new ways to experience God.

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Please contact us to enquire about using any of the following Kits:

Maker Fun Factory

A world where curious kids become hands-on investors who discover they're lovingly crafted by God for a purpose.

Cave Quest

Gear up for an over-the-top underground adventure!  Ground kids in the rock-solid foundation of God's love - love that takes us through dark times.


A Super Cool Undersea Bible Adventure where kids will learn how to dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus.

Jesus Kids in the Kitchen

An evangelism program that helps kids discover the secrets of great health.  Children will have a blast as they:

  • explore how their bodies work;

  • perform heart-pumping exercises;

  • create scrumptious, nutritious food; and

  • discvoer how God has made them special and unique

Castles & Crowns

Teaching the character of God through stories of the Kings and Queens of the Bible.  Your children, aged 5-12, will meet King David, Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, King Joash, Queen Esther and King Jesus.

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VBS Suppliers:
Crafts & Materials:

The Children's Ministries Page of the General Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

North American Children's Ministries Division

Children's Ministries SPD

Large amounts of resoures generated by the South Pacific Discipleship for Chidlren in our region. There is information on World Events; a resource section that is broken into categories relating to linking with God, Church Community, and reaching out to others.

Sabbath School lessons and resources produced by Gracelink

You can shop via their website or visit them at Watson Park, Old Gympie Road Dakabin

South Queensland Conference website

Run by the SQ Youth Department, this is the official page for Junior and Teen Summer Camps

Website for all Youth events and activties

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Adventist Websites


Resources from South Queensland SDA Members

Christian girls magaines for 6-11yr (Little Miss Gigi) and 11+ (Gigi) started locally by some Adventist sisters

Wholesome Christian children's clothing designed and printed locally

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Third-Party websites some leaders find helpful

A variety of colouring pages, craft ideas, devotions and games

An online Bible resource with multiple search functions and versions

Thematic crafts, finger plays, games and activities for a variety of occasions and subjects from holidays to nature

Activities for Kid's Clubs, Bible lessons, bulletin ideas, colouring and an assortment of resources for Sabbath Schools (full access requires subscription)

Activities and crafts on Bible topics, nature, holidays and more

Huge range of colouring pages, activities and printouts on various topics

Games, object lessons, puppet scripts, articles, Leadership training and more. Requires membership.

Activities, crafts, games, skis and more (some are free, some require a membership)

Playgroup activities for special days and every day

A selection of Bible colouring pages

A selection of sermons/devotionals for children, as well as printable colouring pages, activities and more

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If you are looking for some resources that you cannot find here please contact us as we may be able to help you with resources from our lending library for a small fee or direct you to where you can find what you are looking for.


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