Pathfinder Leadership Award

The Pathfinder Leadership Award is a qualification which combines spiritual and physical development with training in Leadership; Discipline; Pathfinder Administration; and Games, Knots & Activities - as well as incorporating Nationally Accredited Outdoor Recreation Modules.


2019 PLA Program

PLA Info Night | 21st March

PLA Practical |  6th June

If you are interested in completing your Pathfinder Leadership Award, please speak to your Club Director and/or contact us on (07 3218 7777).



To achieve the PLA there are a number of requirements in addition to the modules that will need to be completed.  These are detailed in the PLA booklet that  is available from the SQC Administration & Resourcing Centre.

PLA Resource Downloads:

Record Booklet [PDF]

Encounter Plan [Series 1 - PDF]  [Series 2 - PDF]  [Series 3 - PDF]  [Series 4 - PDF]

Christian Storytelling Honour  [Requirements]  [Workbook]

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