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Pathfinders in South Queensland

Pathfinders is a Church-centred, spiritual-recreational program for young people from grades 5-11 which leads into Leadership Development from grades 11 and onwards.  It is filled with action, adventure and challenge.  It allows children to develop new attitudes and skills.  These are skills that will produce personal growth, team spirit and a sense of loyalty and respect for God, His creation and His Church.


The whole philosophy of Pathfindering is built on the premise that children learn best by example rather than commands.  As they see leaders and parents model spiritual and social values, they too will aspire to develop high moral principles, loving and caring attitudes, and determination to excel in all their various pursuits.


Foremost, the ideals and objectives of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church are taught through an active learning program, which appeals to the learning style of this age group.

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Clubs in South Queensland are implementing the use of CareMonkey to assist Leaders in providing a high level of child safety.  For more information visit the CareMonkey website or read our FAQ.

"We're the next generation, tomorrow is in our hands
In a world of problems, we're going to make a stand
We're the Pathfinders.."

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