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Mar 13, 2018

Finding & Sharing Dietary Requirements


From a Staff Member: "What's the easiest way, or is it possible, to provide just the allergy information to the Clubs Catering Coordinator without ALL medical information for a child?

Is it best to create a separate group for children with food allergies and provide the caterer with access to that group?"


See responses in comments.

Mar 13, 2018


I would recommend generating a report that includes Dietary Requirements, as well as Allergies as sometimes parents include information in allergies, but forget to also list this in Dietary Requirements.


How to generate a dietary requirements report:


a. Click on the group of Pathfinders that you need to know allergy information for (if all, then skip this step);

b. On the Actions menu, click “Select all Members” (all profile cards should then be green);

c. In the same menu, click “Report for Selected Members”;

d. In the new screen there will be a blue box that says “Check to generate report….” – under the left-hand side of that box there are three radio box options: Profiles; Medical Conditions; Injuries. Select “Medical Conditions”;

e. In the grey box in the middle of the screen, untick the “Check all” box;

f. Check the Allergies (anaphylactic); Allergies (non-anaphylactic); and Dietary Requirements boxes. (Whether you also select the “Anorexia/Eating Disorders box is up to you”);

g. Under the right-hand side of the light blue box (mentioned above) is a list of report options (“Select a report”) – select “Short Summary Report”

h. Click “Display”

i. This report can then be saved as a PDF so you can email it to your caterer.


Of course, you will need to do this for each event/meeting in case there has been any changes to member's profiles since the last meeting/event.

Mar 13, 2018


You can create a "Smart Group" for those with Dietary Requirements and then provide your Catering Coordinator. This will allow all children/members, new or otherwise, to automatically be included in this group if they indicate they have Dietary Requirements.


To Create the Group:

a. In the Students Tab, in the Groups section click “Add” and select “Add Group”

b. Name the Group (ie ‘Dietary Requirements’ or similar – I usually have a “High Risk Medical” group for my events);

c. In the “Member Selection” option, click the “Filtered Members (Smart Group)” radio button;

d. Click the arrow next to “Shared Profile”

e. Cilck the arrow next to “Medical Data”

f. Click the arrow next to “Conditions”

g. Click the checkbox for “has Dietary Requirements”

h. Save


To Assign Staff Carer Access:

a. Add the Catering Coordinator to the Staff tab;

b. Click the Menu icon on their profile card (the three lines);

c. In the main part of the Details window that appears, click "Edit Groups and eForms";

d. Check the box for your Dietary Requirements group


Note: It is recommended that you send all Staff Carers the 2018 Caremonkey Staff Carer Agreement form PRIOR to giving them access to any groups or profiles.


Note: It is important for the Catering Coordinator to check this regularly in case there are any changes to students profiles.

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