We believe that children are a gift from God and are precious and highly valued in His sight.  As such, children should have the freedom to learn more, live more and love more in safe and caring environments.


Safe Churches..

In order to do what we can to make sure our Churches are safe places for children, there is a Code of Conduct in place in the South Queensland Conference which applies to all who attend a Seventh-Day Adventist Church and forms a part of the Application for volunteer work with children.  This Code of Conduct is displayed at Local Churches.  If you would like a copy of the Code, have questions regarding the Code, or are concerned about a breach of the Code, please speak with your Local Church Pastor or Safety Coordinator.  All Children's Ministries volunteers must also complete the Safe Place Services "Safe Church Awareness" Training and adhere to the QLD Government Blue Card policies.


Safe Activities..

In all programs run by the South Queensland Conference we hold child safety in high regard and are constantly monitoring our approach to Child Safety Management.  All our volunteers must agree to the Code (above) and have a Blue Card or Blue Card Exemption.  All events are planned with a thorough Risk Management process.


We also support Local Clubs (Adventurers & Pathfinders), along with the SQC Compliance Department, to provide activities and programs that are planned and managed with best practice for risk management and child safety.


To this end, in 2017 we are implementing the CareMonkey system for our Clubs and Conference Events.  For more information see the Frequently Asked Questions, or to set up your free family account visit www.caremonkey.com.


Safe Homes..

As a Church, child safety is one of our core values.  We aim to help foster the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health and safety of children in our Church Family.  It is not news that research shows a direct correlation between adverse childhood experiences and long-term health issues.  Our loving care of children in the home is of vital importance, as is their training in the Lord:  "...do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord." Eph 6:4 NIV   and  "Let your gentleness be evident to all."  Php 4:5 NIV


Safe Children..

Ensuring child safety also goes beyond what we do in our planning and programming.  To best help our children to be safe, we need to teach them how to handle themselves in various situations, educating them in ways they can assist in keeping themselves safe.  Knowing ways of dealing with "tricky people" and  the power of saying "stop" or "no" are both important for our children to be empowered in personal safety.


We will be adding to our resources in supporting child safety at home and individually.  If you wish to submit or recommend a resource, please speak with Pr Willie Strickland, Director of Children's Ministries, South Queensland.


Helpful Resources

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The website for Safety Management information and resources for SQ Conference.  Contact your local Safety Coordinator for login access.

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Resources for bullying

Tips and tools for a safe houses and vehicles

Tools & Resources from the Government Office of eSafety

Stop I Don't Like That

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