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October 19, 2017

I have friends who regularly inspire me with their running, mountain climbing and other physical pursuits - and not just that they exhibit amazing determination, commitment and courage - but that so often it is not just a personal endeavour, but one...

A Gracelink resource

Still looking for ideas of engaging kids with scripture memorisation and familiarity?  Here are some games and songs that may work for your group.

Strip charts

Strips of paper hide the words of the verse until the time comes to show...

A Gracelink resource

If the memory text is read after each activity and the Bible story, the children soon memorise it and are ready for a memorisation game.  Do not ask them to say the verse just for the sake of saying it.  Occasionally you can ask j...

A Gracelink resource

Reading from the Bible

The child holds the Bible while an adult points to the words and reads, even though she cannot read.  Do this after each activity and story throughout the entire program.  Soon the child will complete the ver...