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As a leader in Children's Ministries it can often be hard to not only build your team, but also to help foster their growth.  This was one of the topics raised at the Gracelink Training held in February.

"How can we get our team to step-up?"  or "How...

October 19, 2016

At our Church, the children are invited to and encouraged to attend 'Big Church' (as common culture refers to it).  And I like it.  I have friends who don't, and find that what works at their Church is for the kids to go to 'Kids' Church'. As parents...

O God, you have given me a very difficult job to do within your Church.

Help me never to face these young people unprepared.

Help me to be absolutely honest with them.

Help me to never dodge their questions, and never to evade their problems.

Help me to...