Big Camp Under 18 Participant Registration & Activities Terms & Conditions

Last updated 22/05/2018  4.21pm

Activity Consent

By registering the participant, you provide your consent for them to participate in the selected activities in accordance with the Terms and Conditions provided at the end of the Registration Form.  Please be sure to read them carefully.


An email containing further activity details will be sent to all registered participants prior to Camp, as well as being available form the Camp Office during the event.  If you do not receive this email post registration, or you wish to withdraw your consent, you will need to contact the Actipass Team as a matter of urgency on or 07 3218 7777.


Activity limits

Some activities have limited places due to venue limitations.  Registering a participant for their Division at Big Camp does NOT reserve them a place for an activity.  The only way to guarantee the participant a place in the desired activity is to purchase an activity before they are sold out.


Activity purchase cut-off times

Activities can be purchased in one of two ways:

  1. Online as part of this registration process;

  2. At the Camp Office during the event IF:

    1. The Participant has been registered (using this online form) PRIOR to the closing date (30th August 2018); and

    2. The activities are purchased prior to 12 noon the day BEFORE the activity is scheduled.


Note: Activities purchased at Camp will incur a 10% surcharge.



Age limits

Divisions and their activities are geared towards the age/grade specifications advertised.  Children should not be registered for a Division they are not suited to based on their grade/age and/or developmental level.  If you are unsure, please contact the Children's Ministries or Teen & Highschool Ministries Departments on 07 3218 7777.


Child Safety

We aim to provide a high level of care for those who attend our events.  In order to do this, we need to have information about those who attend, including their medical conditions, medications, and information regarding Medicare and Health Insurance.  It is also important that we know who to contact in the unlikely event of an incident or emergency.


In 2017 the South Queensland Conference Children's Ministry and Teen & Highschool Ministry Departments began using Caremonkey to assist parents and Leaders with the efficient provision, collection, and management of this important information.  If you are not familiar with Caremonkey, further information is available via the following methods:


  • Parent & Volunteer Caremonkey Information Pack;

  • Caremonkey website (where you can create your FREE family account if you don't have one already); or

  • Contact us on or 07 3218 7777


It is expected that you will ensure the spelling of names, email addresses, and mobile numbers is accurate and that you will respond to our request promptly (to be sent via Caremonkey in the days following this application) to assist us with planning and preparation.  Wristbands will not be available for collection if the Care Profile for the Participant has not been shared with our event (or the medical/emergency information provided via an alternate method).


Custodial Arrangements

If the Participant has a current custody order in place, please contact us on 07 3218 7777 or to advise.  A copy of the order, along with a photo of your child and any further information we should be aware of will be required.  A photo ID will be requested when collecting your child.


Email Addresses

On the first page for each Participant (referred to by this system as an "Attendee"), it will ask for an email address along with their first name and surname.  This email address field should be left blank.


Life-Threatening Medical Conditions

Please talk to the Division Leader if the Participant has a life-threatening condition and may require assistance.  In such cases, a parent/guardian is advised to accompany the child.  Big Camp First-Aid staff are not permitted to administer medications except where it is a lifesaving medication (Epipen and/or Ventolin).  If either of these medications may be required by the Participant, it MUST be brought by the Participant and remain with them at all times.



Photos are being taken at Big Camp programs and activities and used for a variety of promotional purposes including our publications 'Focus', 'Record' and the Camp Newsletter, along with slideshow/video at Big Camp, websites (SQ Conference, Children's Ministries, and/or Teen & Highschool Ministries), and social media.


We always endeavour to take and use photos that show the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its programs, and participants in a positive manner.  By allowing the Participant to participate in these programs and events you acknowledge that these photos and videos are being taken.


You have the right to decline use of these photos for promotional purposes, however, we have a high number of participants at Big Camp programs and events and it is impossible to screen photos/video for individual participants unless we have a passport style photo for identification purposes.  If you indicate in the registration that you do not give your consent, it is essential that you also provide a photo of these identification purposes.  This identifying photo will be shared with the relevant Department Staff, Division Leaders and our Conference Photography Team in order to abide by your instruction.

Protecting Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us.  The inforamtion we seek allows us to manage risk, provide reasonable care and administer involvement in our program.  We are careful to keep your information confidential and provide it only to those agents acting on our behalf who need it to enable them to perform their agreed duties (eg First-Aid Officer).  We will not use your information for other purposes.  You are welcome to contact our office in relation to issues regarding your personal information and for a copy of our Privacy Policy.

We only ask for information that is necessary for the purposes outlined in this statement.  In some circumstances, if you don't provide us with all requirested information, you may miss the opportunity to be involved in the program.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given in the event of a Participant contracting an illness or injury that prevents them from attending.

If a Participant changes their mind, they may exchange the activity for another in the same Division IF the exchange is compelted prior to 12 noon the day before the earliest activity to be exchanged.  Please note that for some events an administration fee may be applicable.

Signing In/Out

It is an important part of our child-safe policy that the Preschool and Lower Primary divisions both have a sign in/out process for participants.  This process will be communicated to you prior to the event.  We appreciate your patience as it is our high priority to have accountability for your children while they are in our care.

Venue Memberships & Season Passes

Memberships and Season Passes for venues are not valid for use as part of the Big Camp program.


The participant will be issued with a wristband ('Actipass') which must be worn in order to attend purchased camp activities.  If for any reason you have an issue with the Participant's wristband please bring their band to the Camp Office.

As the wristbands help to identify your child's emergency record in our database, they are not interchangeable between children and MUST ONLY BE WORN by the listed participant in the organisation.

Remember: NO BAND, NO GO.  

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