Engaging Children at Church

Children are an essential part of our church.  They generally have a happy disposition, loving natures - most of the time :) - and are keen to learn about themselves, their world and about God.  Many churches include a childrens story during their morning worship but children can be engaged more in church related activities.  See some ideas below..


Small group worship and Bible Study for children aged 0+.  Most Seventh-day Adventist Churches use the Gracelink curriculum, an age appropriate Bible curriculum based on Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy which is focussed on linking children with the grace of God.  Sabbath Schools, run on Saturday mornings, are organised and run by dedicated volunteers who have a passion for introducing children to Jesus Christ, that they may come to know "how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ."

"God wants every child of tender age to be His child, to be adopted into His family."

E G White "Counsels to Teachers & Parents" p169


We encourage Churches and families to work together.  An intentional approach to discipling children is required, from a joint front, for best holistic outcomes for children.  "Research confirms that faith formation is strongest and most enduring when all ages in the church community work together to grow each other up into Christ."  (J Weslake).

"Children are not the church of tomorrow,

they are the church of today.

A family is made up of grandparents, parents and children. Involve them in the life of the entire church. Give them opportunities to lead worship, greet, pray, read Scripture, serve and more."

From "10 Reasons why Children's Ministries Matters" by discipleblog.com


Throughout the year we recommend that churches plan certain Sabbath's as specially set aside for children.

This gives churches the opportunity to see Jesus through the eyes of a child, and for children to use their gifts and talents in serving their church through leading, or assisting with, the service.  It is our prayer that churches will encourage this development of their children as an ongoing basis, to train them up in the service of the Lord.

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