Adventurers in South Queensland

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Adventurers is a Club for children in grades 1-4, with many Clubs in South East Queensland including classes for the Kindy & Prep age children also.


The Club runs predominatly on Sabbath afternoon (Saturday) with some activities also taking place on a Sunday or over the weekend.


Throughout the year children learn about four main categories: My God, My Self, My Family & My Community.  As well as these there are many

other activities ("awards") in sports, nature health, safety, arts, and homecrafts that Clubs often choose to include in the Program.


There is also a focus on service and working with the Adventurers on living their lives with the needs of others in mind.  In line with this some Clubs choose to be involved in events such as: Anzac Day; Clean-up Australia Day; and other service oriented activities.

A Place for Parents

Adventurers is a program designed to support the child, and the family unit that they are a part of.  As such, we encourage you as their caregiver to come along and participate with your child.  There are many ways that you can be involved and be a part of the fun.

Looking to join a Club?
Find your nearest Club on our Club map, or contact us for more information.
Adventurers learn interesting topics, gain skills, develop relationships
and build faith in Jesus - all the while making memories that will last
for many years to come.

Clubs in South Queensland are implementing the use of CareMonkey to assist Leaders in providing a high level of child safety.  For more information visit the CareMonkey website or read our FAQ.

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